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Carla Ruth Harris Robinson
July 06, 2020


Carla Ruth [Harris] Robinson, formerly of Beaumont, Texas died July 6, 2020 in Prosser, Washington. Carla was born at home in Beaumont, Texas on June 15, 1926. Her parents were John Wylie Harris [1900-1971] and Carla Theo [Heisig] Harris [1900-1928]. Brother Wylie was born two years later and two weeks after that their mother died. Carla age two, and newborn Wylie [1928-2018] moved in with their maternal grandparents, Charles Theopolis Heisig [1863-1932] and Vida Jane [Young] Heisig [1877-1954]. Carla and Wylie were raised with their four daughters: Aunt Helen Ruth [Heisig] Vance [1904-1987], Aunt Dorothy Grace [Heisig] Price [1912-1973], Aunt Marjorie Jane [Heisig] Browne [1917-2005], and Marguerite Joyce [Heisig] Schlosser [1917-2000]. Carla’s grandfather, a well-known local business investor and industry developer, committed suicide at home when she was six. The 1929-32 stock market crash financially ruined him. Fortunately, the family was food production independent and kept their home on 2048 Hazel Avenue. During the subsequent Great Depression, a steady stream of homeless men came to the house asking for handouts, which deeply affected little Carla and Wylie. The men were given a pie plate of food [chicken, rice, gravy and collard greens] after doing some light yard work. These experiences created their strong determination to be financially secure. Carla was a natural beauty with a flawless complexion, coal black eyes and thick curly black hair. Weekdays after school she had music and dancing lessons her entire childhood. She graduated from Beaumont High School at 16 with Honors. She was a big flirt and was never short of beaus. At 17 she attended Mary Baldwin College for girls in Virginia for one year and then University of Texas for two years. She married Errol Wayne Robinson at her grandparent’s home on June 25, 1946. Wayne, an Ensign in the U.S. Navy, had recently graduated from the Annapolis Naval Academy. Raised devout Christian Science, she converted to the Mormon LDS church shortly after marriage. They were constantly transferred from place to place (9 states total) while Wayne served in the Navy. Her first child, Camille, was born 1947 and died shortly after. After resigning his commission in 1955, Wayne was employed by The Boeing Company as an aeronautical engineer in Seattle, Washington. Carla completed her BS at the University of Washington in 1960. In 1963 Boeing moved the family to Huntsville, Alabama. After raising 4 children she began teaching 5th grade school in 1964 on a 3K yearly salary. They moved from Huntsville in 1968 to the ‘country life’ of Fife, Washington. Carla returned to work in 1969 as Librarian for the Hilltop and Mountain View Elementary Schools. She retired from teaching school at 55 to begin her small business career and started up a new Laundromat “The Wash House “ in South Tacoma, and 5 years later opened up a second business “LDS Book Store” in Puyallup. Carla’s hobbies were organic gardening, genealogy, holistic health, stock market, GOP politics, Girl Scouts, reading, and playing the piano and organ at church. She loved to travel and took many domestic trips and widely traveled around the world. She was a life long member of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) and Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. She was married to husband Wayne for 64 years before his passing [1923-2010]. She was a faithful active member of the LDS church since joining. Carla is survived by her direct descendants: 4 children = Errol Wayne Robinson Jr. [1949], Rhea Ann [Robinson] Spears [1951], Helen Ruth Robinson [1955], and Carla Rose Robinson [1957]; 11 grand children = Errol Wayne Robinson II, Ross Edwin Robinson, John Eli Robinson, David Z. Robinson, Rebecca Robinson [McClendon] Loertscher, Catherine Camille [Spears] Karstad, Stephen Charles Spears, Jettie [Spears] Trope, Ephraim Fredrickson, Seth Robinson Fredrickson, and Joshua Robinson Krawitz; 27 great grandchildren; and 1 great great grandchild. Graveside service for family members in Beaumont, Texas Magnolia Cemetery. You may leave a message for the family at

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