10/06/2006 Richard P. Troy
Woburn, Ma. 01801, USA
Paul: I was shocked at reading the notice in today's paper. My heartfelt condolences go out to you on the passing of your wife of many years, Susan. I knew her when she first came to work at State Street. She was a wonderful person and we had much fun together. She was a wonderful person, a friend and a good and hard worker. She spoke of you often and told of the trips you were to make and then when you returned the fun you both had. I will pray for her and you and trust that your fond memories will last forever. Again, my best to you. Sincerely, Richard P. Troy

10/06/2006 Joan Benoit
Newton, Ma, USA
Paul I am so sorry for your loss. Sue was a wonderful woman. I am sure you will miss her very much. Sincerely Joan Benoit