To the family of the Demers Mary, who i never met, but spoke with, a great loss to your family and to the friends that knew her. We will pray for her, and God took her to a better place. Love, Joy and Family

Posted: 02/18/2006 by Joy Crulac and Family of , ,

Ashley........So very sorry to hear of the passing of your Grandmother. From what I read at her website, she soundsa like she was quite a lady. Sorry I never had the honor of meeting her. Peace, Mr. & Mrs Canney

Posted: 02/18/2006 by Rich & Grace Canney of Bryantville, Ma, USA

I was sad to read the news of Mary Demers. I was in contact with Donnie, during periods of her illness and I know how much her family cared for her. Having met all her children, I am certain she was a wonderful mother and will be deeply missed.

Posted: 02/07/2006 by Jonathan Lippitt of , , United Kingdom

To my deares bestest friend whom I will always love. May you rest in peace and out of pain Mama. Love you forever - Miss you and will always be in my heart LOVE ALWAYS Bon Bon

Posted: 02/05/2006 by bonnie luks of Worcester, MA, USA

Dear Demers family, I was a very good friend of your mom for many many years at the Cavendish Club, and we were partners on several occasions. Even played bridge with Mike and Laurie though they may not remember me. Now I live at the Cape and play regularly with Bruce Emond and live here in Florida for the winter. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your mother. She was truly a wonderful person. Please accept my deepest sympathy. I really felt bad that I was not there to pay my final respects. May all of your beautiful memories of her remain with you forever. Most sincerely, Arthur Krupnick

Posted: 02/04/2006 by Art Krupnick of Margate, Fl, USA


Posted: 02/04/2006 by pamela merry of woodland hills, ca, usa


Posted: 02/03/2006 by Tom Pierson of Los Angeles, CA,

Donnie....I am SO very sorry to hear about your loss....I did not know your mother, however I do know what an infinite role she played in your life..I hope you and your family only grow closer and remember her for the inspiration and gift that she was to the world.

Posted: 02/03/2006 by David C. of Branson, MO,

Dear Jimmy and Family, I am very sorry for your loss. I also lost my Mom so I understand how difficult it is. I think although this is a very hard time for you all...that some amazing things happen if we are open to it one of the most magical things to remember is how they try to get messages to us that only we will know... so just know your Mom will be in touch and that you have a Special Angel in Heaven looking out for you always and guiding you....and that that bond will never ever be broken. It really does help to know that things may change in the physical but will never be gone in the Spiritual sense. Nurture and take care of yourselves as your Mom would want you to do.... Michele

Posted: 02/03/2006 by Michele Parker of Los Angeles, CA, USA

I'd like to express my deepest sympathies to Donnie and the entire Demers family at this difficult time.

Posted: 02/01/2006 by Ted Hulbush of San Francisco, CA, USA

Dear Friends, I'm sorry I was unable to attend the services and I send you my sincerest sympathy. I do still love all of you even though I haven't seen you in so long. I wish you comfort and peace at this time. Love always, Belinda

Posted: 02/01/2006 by Belinda A.Pina of Spencer, Massachusetts, United States

Know that your Mom is now in Gods hands and she is being well taken care of . . . I send my condolences and my prayers. God Bless.

Posted: 02/01/2006 by Michael of New York, New York, USA

Dear Jimmy, I am so sorry to hear about your Mother's passing. I know how difficult this time can be. I've tried calling you, your mail box is full and I couldn't understand the last numbers of the (212) line in New York. If I can do anything please, let me know. Otto Krause (310) 713-6886

Posted: 01/31/2006 by Otto Krause of Santa Monica, CA, USA

Jimmy and Donnie, I am so sorry for your loss. I have said a few prayers. I can't even imagine how you feel. My love goes out to you guys, your family and close friends sharing your tragedy. May God give you strength. Moms are the best things in the world. I never met your mom but I love mine more than life, so once again I am so so so sorry for your loss. Peace be with you. Elvis

Posted: 01/31/2006 by Elvis Restaino of Hollywood, Ca, USA

To my boys, Jimmy and Donnie, I wish you both strength and wisdom in your time of mourning. This is one of those trials in life none of us wish to bear, and yet knowing each of us someday will. You are in my thoughts, and I pray that you both use the love your mother raised you with to lift your hearts and spirits so that someday soon you can seek joy and not sorrow in the memory of this special person. With Love, Nick

Posted: 01/31/2006 by Nick Spano of los angeles, CA, USA

My heart is with all of you at this time. I AM a friend of Jimmy and Donnie's so don't worry, I can think of no relationship similar in anyway to the one between mother and child, or any loss quite like this one. It trancends all cultural inventions and comes from the very roots of who we are. Without Mothers no human could exist. I lost mine at the tender age of 40 and though, I really learned what wonderful friends I had, I also learned that, I still only had one mommy. But we must let it be. With love to you all, even those I don't know yet.

Posted: 01/31/2006 by Cara Coslow of Los Angeles, CA,

Jimmy, May God be with you and your family because we know your Mom is with Him now. I hope all is well under these hard times. Take care, Mike

Posted: 01/31/2006 by Mike Loyola of Clayton, Ca., USA

Donnie and Jimmy,I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. Please know that in this time of great despair there are ripples of love started by your mother that have been felt by each of us that know and love you guys. I have a great appreciation for this lady that I only spoke to on the phone once. It was a three way call that was also my first phone conversation with both of you. I still remember it clearly. Please know that I am with you in thought and spirit, I am holding you guys, your mother and your whole family in the highest light, and I am here for you if you need anything.

Posted: 01/31/2006 by Mickey Maxwell of , ,

Donnie...I'm deeply sorry to hear about your loss. I know that your Mom meant a lot to you and I'm sure that you are going through some tough times but remember that any time you need to talk or anything else I'll be there for you.

Posted: 01/31/2006 by Ana of Los Angeles, CA,

Donnie my heart and condolences go out to you and your brother today. I've had your mother in my prayers since I met Jimmy and will continue. Although I never met her, I know that she was an amazing woman having raise such talented, kind, caring and generous boys

Posted: 01/31/2006 by Ryan Fox of Los Angeles, CA,

Donnie & Jimmy, I'm so sorry for the loss you both, and your family, are going through. You are in my prayers. Robert

Posted: 01/31/2006 by Robert Lombardi of Woodbury, New Jersey, USA

Jimmy and Donnie, I apologize for my tardy message; I just received today the email announcing the sad news of your Mother's passing. With all my Heart, you and your family have my deepest condolences. Though I never had the honor of meeting her in person, I do know she was a saint -- after all, she brought both of you to the world! I will keep all of you in my prayers. And as always, I send Light, Love and the infinite peace of the One Heart we all share. Kathleen

Posted: 01/31/2006 by Kathleen of Los Angeles, California, USA

Jimmy- I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your mother. I want to send my sympathy to you and your family. Cheryl

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Cheryl Goldstein of Los Angeles, CA,

To a Great lady and mom. It was a privledge to know Mary and her family. God bless everyone. Mike Quinn

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Mike of Norwood, Ma, USA

Donnie,Jimmy,Mike,Mary & Family, My thoughts and prayers are with all of you! Your Mom was a wonderful,fun-loving lady...and she brought "smiles" to everyone she met. Since I don't read the Worcester T&G,I didn't learn of your Mom's passing until today. I recently changed e-mail providers,and just checked my old juno account for e-mails today. I will ask my pastor, Fr. Charlie at Our Lady of the Angels Church,to remember all of you and your Mom at the weekly Friday prayer service. Love, Maggie Madsen (Quinn) H# (508)799-5112

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Maggie Madsen (Quinn) of Worcester, MA, USA

My dear Jimmy, I am so sorry to hear about your mom's passing. i have fond memories of Mary. When we were young we had many good times together, laughing and carrying on and getting into trouble. Even though we lost touch i still thought about her. I did send flowers hoping to let you know that my prayers are with your mom and also you and your brothers and sister. If you want to talk, please feel free to call me. I am working part time now so any time after 8pm Ca. time. I love you and hold you in my prayers. Aunt Morgan

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Morgan Demers of Sherman Oaks, Ca,

Dear Jimmy: I am so sorry to hear about the death of your mother. My thoughts and prayers are with you through this time. Kip

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Kip of New York City, NY, USA

Dear Donnie and family, I am deeply grieved to hear of the passing of your mother. She will always be with you. Kazz

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Kazuhiko Murayama of Kawasaki, Kanagawa, JAPAN

t was so nice to reconnect with you all after so long. I feel so honored to have been able to be there with all of you. And to have met and felt loved by your mom, Mary. What I said last night at Walden about unconditionality is truly the one word that I saw hovering over the pond when I saw your mother in my mind's eye. There is this poem that I want to share with you that I think embodies your mother's love: Even After All This Time ----- Even after all this time The sun never says to the earth "You owe me" Look what happens With a love like that It lights the whole sky. ------ That is unconditionality. And that is the way I will always remember mumalla demers. She lit the whole sky. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet such a beautiful soul. with love always, Michelle

Posted: 01/30/2006 by michelle ishay of new york, ny, usa

To Jimmy, Donnie, Mary, Michael and all the family, with deepest sympathy at this sad time. Sending you all prayers and light, with love, Karen

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Karen Szulakowska of , , UK

My prayers are with you. Eugene Gwozdz

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Eugene of N Y, N Y,

Jimmy and Family My deepest condolences and sympathy. Marvin. Marvin Lashever President & Chief Executive Officer G.E.M. Group, Inc.

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Marvin Lashever of Las Vegas, Nevada,

I'm writing you as an acquaintance of Jimmy Demers. Would you please pass my condolences along to him and his family. I don't have any contact information for him or I would contact him directly. He and I met at a chance meeting last year in Los Angeles....what an amazing man with such a beautiful spirit. I am very sorry to hear about the loss of his mother. Please pass along my information to him and let him know that he, and his family, are in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Joshua Farmer

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Joshua Farmer of , ,

Dear Jimmy, God bless you and your family. Be still when you can, breathe, and take time to reflect...perhaps a song? I send you a bug hug and lots of love. Jennifer

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Jennifer Grant of Venice, Ca,

Dear Jimmy and Family, So sorry to hear about your loss. May you receive consolation from heaven. Esther & Ricky

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Ricky & Esther of , ,

Please accept our deepest sympathies. The Kapur Family

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Rita Kapur of , ,

My profoundest condolences to all. With love and light, Manuela Noble

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Manuela Noble of , ,

Dear Demers Family my heartfelt condolences Guenter Singer

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Guenter Singer of , ,

My condolences to you Jimmy. Sad news. God bless her. My thoughts are with you. Courage, my friend. Yours, Nickolai

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Nikolai Stoilov of , ,

i am so sorry to read about the loss of their mother........ the demers are in my prayers and heart. Love & God Bless, Raemali King~

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Raemali King of , ,

I am very sorry to hear this news. My deepest sympathies are with you. Best regards, Leyla Senvar

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Leyla S of , ,

Dear Jimmy and Donnie, My heartfelt condolences to you both and your family. Please call me if there is anything I can do for you. Love you, Marie

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Marie of Santa Monica, ,

my sincere condolances... paul merritt//// california... and a special prayer

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Paul M of , California,

Jimmy and the rest of your family Both Cristne and I are sorry aout the loss of your mother.I hope she will be resting peacefully. Love the Olsons

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Curt Olson of Laguna, California,

dear jimmy, i don't even know if you'll remember me. we met when i was working at a party you attended almost two years ago. you were so sweet when i told you i was an actress, you asked me what i was doing working as a catering waiter. you told me i looked like i could be your sister... and we exchanged email addresses. since then, i've never responded to your emails but remember your kindness whenever i see your name. i am so sorry for your loss. the best parts of your mother will always be with you... my prayers and best wishes are with you and your family. just know you are supported by loving energy, even by people, like me, who have only met you once. i hope to cross paths with you again at some point. namaste, jessie bernard

Posted: 01/30/2006 by jesse bernard of , ,

Dear Demers Family and especially James: My condolences to you and you are in my prayers. ALl the best Anita Vaswani

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Anita Vaswani of , ,

Dear Jimmy and Family, Sheryl and I send our sincerest condolences to you on the loss of your mother. May your sorrow be eased by a lifetime of memories, created together. Sheryl Leach and Howard Rosenfeld

Posted: 01/30/2006 by Howard Rosenfeld of , ,

Oh, Mary, I am so sorry. I was hoping your mother would be sent home from the hospital as she was other times in the past. I had a feeling that I should call you tonight and I am glad I did. Joseph told me what happened. Send my regards to Ashley. Take care of yourself now. You did all you could. Merle

Posted: 01/29/2006 by Merle Portnoy of Westboro, MA, USA

Oh, Mary, I am so sorry. I was hoping your mother would be sent home from the hospital as she was other times in the past. I had a feeling that I should call you tonight and I am glad I did. Joseph told me what happened. Send my regards to Ashley. Take care of yourself now. You did all you could. Merle

Posted: 01/29/2006 by Merle Portnoy of Westboro, MA, USA

Dear Jimmy, Michael and Donnie, I was sorry to read the note about your mother's passing. I'm sure she was very proud of you for pursuing your dreams with such passion. You'll always miss her, but I think you'll find that you'll carry her spirit and her voice inside you. Years from now, you'll still be able to hear her giving you advice and encouragement and love. All the best to you, Paul

Posted: 01/29/2006 by Paul Grein of , ,

Although I never had the opportunity to meet Mary Demers’, I am certain that she was a beautiful woman with a huge heart, due to knowing how amazing her son Jimmy is. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family during this extremely difficult time. A donation will also be made in Mary Demers name to MDA. God Bless. Gavin

Posted: 01/29/2006 by Gavin B. Keilly of Los Angeles, California,

To My Step-children< Michael, Mary Joyce, Donnie and Jimmy I will miss your mother so much. She is the one who made us a family right from the start. She had more strength then I could every imagine. I will miss our talks and her Raspberry brownies that she would always make knowing how much I loved them. There wasn't a time that if I wanted to talk to her about anything that she wouldn't listen. She always made sure that everyone no matter where we were knew who I was and also that we were friends. I Love you all very much and do know the pain you are going thru right now. There isn't a day that goes by that I don' think of my own mother and there are days that I still cry for her.My Love To All of You Your Step-mother, Donna

Posted: 01/29/2006 by Donna Demers of Marlboro, Ma, USA

Dear Jimmy and family, I'm so sad to hear about your loss. Please be comforted in the knowledge that even as your mom moves on to new places of the soul, her mother's love will always be with you, all around you, unconditional and all pervasive. The love that she has for you is powerful beyond description -- as all mothers know. Love, Olivia Rosewood and family

Posted: 01/29/2006 by Olivia Rosewood of Los Angeles, CA, USA

Jimmy, Donnie, when you get back to la, let me know when we can get together. The tribute is beautiful. I wish I knew her, maybe you can share some growing up stories, over some coffee.

Posted: 01/28/2006 by Paul Fow of los Angeles, CA, United States

To the Demers Family- Im truly sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.

Posted: 01/28/2006 by Jennifer Zorge of Shrewsbury, MA, US

Dear Jimmy and the Demers family,We were very very sorry to hear about your loss of one so precious. Your Mom, Mary,is fortunate to be blessed with a wonderful family, one so talented and caring. All of you are equally as blessed to have had her as your Mother, for all the years, days, and seconds that you did. I too am blessed, because I was lucky enough to have met her. Though only for a moment, but now a wonderful memory I will have for my lifetime. Remember of all the wonderful memories Mary gave you. And know that all of the people she was able to help will have wonderful memories too. Your Mom, Mary,will always be with each one of you. This I know. Our love, thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Love always Glenn and The Maska Family.

Posted: 01/28/2006 by Glenn and Sara Maska of LA., CA.,

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of you Mom. I worked with your mom for many years at the phone company and always had many laughs. My mom Patricia Kirwin's sister Claire was married to your fathers brother Ernie many years ago and my aunts and uncles all loved your mother very much. As we sit here now talking of your mom my aunt Katherine Butler is remembering how my grandmother Catherine VanAlstytne was your mothers babysitter when she was little and how the families growup together. Our family sends their blessings to you all and will always remember your mom fondly.

Posted: 01/28/2006 by Denise Dalpe of Millbury, MA., USA

The tribute to your mother was beautiful. We shall rememder you all and your mom always. Love Always Chrissy,Jon,Abbie,Ben Dube and Shirley,Abel,Frank,Peter,Lisa Correia

Posted: 01/28/2006 by dube and correia families of yarmouth, ma, usa

hey guys i am really sorry about your mother. she was a really nice and caring person and a wonderfull friend. know that the sorrow you feel is felt also by me and many others. bestwishes, andrew

Posted: 01/28/2006 by Andrew Ruderman of Worcester, MA, USA

We are sorry to hear that Mary Demers has passed away. I know that Jimmy loved her dearly and she must have been a wonderful woman, having such a wonderful son. We hope that you will all find confort in the love of the family. Sincerely, Chris and Barbara Roberts

Posted: 01/28/2006 by Chris Roberts of Berlin, Germany, ,

Dear Jimmy and all of the family and friends of your incredibly wonderful Mother.... Although I did not meet her physically, I feel like I know her spirit through you Jimmy, since you bring an element of her into everything you do every day and always make so many people happy and never ask for anything in return.... I will say powerful prayers for her today and prayers for Jimmy and the whole gang. She will be another guardian angel watching over you... I think she will pull a few strings up there too - to make Jimmy Demers a household name to music lovers all over the world. God bless you all and remember Jimmy, if you need anything, I am only a phone call away. Anything... even 4am in the morning... call if you need a loving ear or just a simple word of kindness. God knows how much you always are there for everyone... so its your turn now. xoxo Bob Kemp 626-818-7871 cell

Posted: 01/28/2006 by Bob Kemp of Pasadena, California, USA

Dearest Jimmy, I am so sorry to hear about your mother's passing. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Love always, Dina

Posted: 01/28/2006 by Dina Cochrane of Lake Carmel, NY, USA

My thoughts are with you all at this time, and I shall miss Mary. She was a carying loving friend that I have had the pleasure to have known for so many years. I am God Father to Mary Joyce in case some of you may not be aware of this fact. Please be sure Don gets a copy of this. Sincerly Ronald Beauvais 8326 S.W. Barnwell St. Arcadia Florida 34269 Tel: 863-494-0289 Cell:863-244-9554

Posted: 01/28/2006 by Ronald Beauvais of Arcadia , Florida, U.S.

To the family of Mary.. We are very sorry to hear of Mary's passing. Although we haven't seen her for many years, we still have fond memories of her. It's diffucult losing a parent. We hope your memories will keep her close. Linda Higgins and Joe Witkowski, children of Chet and Iola Witkowski.

Posted: 01/28/2006 by Linda Higgins of Harwich, MA, USA

May memories comfort you. Those who gave our lives beauty will live forever in our hearts. May cherished memories give you peace as every day goes by and bring you reassurance that love can never die. For just as long as love endures and lives within your heart your and your loved one will never be apart. Mary.... A gift of love and life to all who knew you. Always a smile and your own ways of expression! You will always be remembered as holding the Ace of Spades. You are now at peace and free. God Bless. With warm loving memories and thoughts, Linda Stucchi

Posted: 01/28/2006 by LINDA STUCCHI of UPTON, MA, USA

life is so precious and thos angels who inspire us...illuminating the way Mary's sweet yesterday...a moment ago....always here with me Wonderful woman of my dreams who gives rise to so many marvelous manifestions; Mary shines though the many stunning gems sparkling in her eternal mala; the thread of her wonderful family...the greatest testament to her beauty I am so grateful for Mary, blessed to be in her midst- compassionate, kind, caring, wonderful, wise, gentle, eduring, strong, smiling, loving, gorgeous glowing woman Reminding us who we are, why we are here, the light which unites us Most radiantly displayed through her being. Dearest Mary, I feel like you carried on for everyone always, truly an Angel, and now your soul has given all her glory, to be refilled and exponentially expanded to transform the entire universe No more pain through a constant smile and continually loving heart... Now only love bursting through every atom of the interdependence integrating us all. The body just the vehicle....your spirit lives on. Thank you for my lovely Jimmy, dear Donnie, Michael, Laurie, Ashley, Mikey, Mary, and the whole gang of live on through your love (: What greater gift is there than this. I love you my dear sweet Jimmy. I hold you in my heart everynight, always. May your wonderful mommy inspire me to be the loving being I am called to be. I am here for you/with you always. Thank you for sharing with me this journey. Thank you, and Donnie, for your divine music. Through you, love and light filters from the heavens. Thank you Jimmy, I adore you...and thank you always to Mary for creating you, nurturing you, loving of the greatest blessings in my life. Mother Mary is always with me in you. Please take care so we can shine her light in the world for generations to come. I will call you...incase I don't reach you, know that I am trying, and perhaps give me a number to call if you feel appropriate doing so. Good night baby dearest. Have a wonderfuul celebration and remembering of Mary tomorrow with al of her many family friends. Wish I could be there...will be next to you in spirit form for sure. XO lei (:

Posted: 01/28/2006 by Leilani of , ,

Dear Jimmy and Donnie, Nothing I say could be more beautiful than your song tribute to your Mother. "Mothers Hand". All my Love and prayers. Kristen

Posted: 01/28/2006 by Kristen Hicks of los angeles, ca, usa

Jimmy & Donnie I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Your beautiful note brought me right there with you. Your mom was such an inspiration because of her strength and constant state of joy no matter what life sent her way. You and Donnie are a testament to that spirit. It is so moving to see the outpouring of love for you and your family. Tomorrow will be hard but it will also be a celebration of a life well lived. I wish I could be there with you. Love, Carole

Posted: 01/28/2006 by carole of l.a., calif.,

Dear Donnie and Family , I wish I knew the magical words to say to take away the pain and hardship and the loss of your beloved mom . I don't have those words, but please know that you are in our thoughts and daily prayers. I cannot pretend to know how you feel- because your grief belongs to you- but also knowing that the loss of such a precious, and wonderful Mom saddens us greatly. Our prayers and Blessings are with you, BOB AND YUKO and MICHAEL JONES BURBANK CALIFORNIA


To my beloved Demers family, Mary shines so bright through you all. I love you so very much and I am so blessed to be in your midst. Mother Mary's wonderful ways always inspire me to smile in ease; feeling loved, found, lighter, and new again. With grattitude in her grace, and peace in her great compassion. No more pain to endure now, only her sweet sweet light infused in all of life's glory, reminding us of who we are, why we are here, and how much grander it feels to live together in love. I am with you now and always. Jimmy and Donnie, thank you for your beautiful song...the music you manifest with Mary, through her, which remains one of her greatest joys and legacies...keep up the divine connection! All my love in this time of celebration and rememberance for a most precious light to the world. Shine on!!! xo Lei (:

Posted: 01/28/2006 by Leilani of Mysore, Karnataka, India

It is my most heartfelt sympathy that I extend to the Demers family. I know your mom's passing is a tremendous loss to absolutely everyone. I only met her once but she was incredible and I liked her right away. We talked on the phone numerous times when I would call for Jimmy or Donnie. I am so sorry guys. I wish I could make sense of life but I cannot. God be with you and may you find strength and comfort in each other. David xoxo

Posted: 01/28/2006 by David of New York , NY , USA

Jimmmy, I am so sorry to hear about your Mother...If she was anything like you, I am sure she brought alot of love and happiness to friends and strangers alike...Know that you are in my thoughts at this Moment...cliff leonard

Posted: 01/27/2006 by cliff leonard of new york, ,

I lived in Worcester for 35 years...I met Mary through Ken Melnikoff, her next door neighbor at the time...I think Mary was one of the sweetest people that I have ever met...We enjoyed many trips to Foxboro as a group...May God Bless you Mary, you are in Heaven watching over everyone...Peace at last, sweet lady. Susan (Trainor) Sissenstein

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Susan Sissenstein of Hemet, CA, United States

we are so sorry for you loss. our thoughts are with you all. please remember she will always live on in our anna and april

Posted: 01/27/2006 by anna hedge- april ford of phoenix, az, usa




Posted: 01/27/2006 by PETER WYMAN of LANCASTER, MA, USA

I just wanted to let some know that, although I have not seen Mary for many years, I would always remember her from the years I DID see her. I grew up in my teens 2 houses down from the Demers family ---and MY family---Everett, Dolly, Bruce, Jay and myself have had the pleasure of knowing Mary and her children. Too make this short---I just want to be able to express that we all felt that Mary had a special persona that she carried with her and she gave some of that away to us---something that I personally will never forget. May she rest in peace and be an example for the rest of us. Alan Johnston

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Alan Johnston of Worcester, MA,

Im so sorry for your loss. She was a sweet and funny person. I heard so many good things about her and had the opportunity to talk to her on the phone.

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Salma Salloum of Clifton, NJ, USA

Dear Demers Family and assorted other family members Especially My favorite Aunt "B" I Hope that you feel blessed to have had such a loving and caring person as your Mom. all the stories your Aunt "B" has shared with us about her sister Mary while growing up I feel as though we here in Florida have come to know her and will miss her too. We are greatfull for Barbara sharing just a small part of her with us and just to let you all know that our hearts and thoughts are with you. The pain now is great and that to will pass and may you be left with all the sweet memories of the times of joy that you shared together Please know that you are being prayed for, taht God will grant you peace. Donn & Anita Leach

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Anita Leach of Orlando, FL, USA

Michael, Laurie, Jimmy, Donny and Mary. The memories from childhood last a lifetime as do the feelings and bonds we forged. Although far away in time and communication we are always touched and saddened at these times, - greatful for what was and the past we shared. My love and thoughts are with you all. Susan Tomasino (Sophie's daughter)

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Susan Tomasino of Wellesley, MA, USA

Jimmy, Just a brief note to say you are in our hearts and prayers. Mama and I are here for you if ever you need anything. We love you, and are so sorry for your loss. Beverly & Carolyn Samuell

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Beverly Samuell of Pasadena, CA, USA

Dear Michael,Donnie,Mary and Jimmy, So sorry to hear about the death of your mother. I have alot of nice memories of her. My brother Dean is on his way up and I would be to if my mother did not break her leg a couple of days ago. Lance, Dale and I and our families send our condolences to all of you. Love to you all Kathy

Posted: 01/27/2006 by kathy beebe of enon, ohio, us

Dear Jimmy and Donny, My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. Jimmy Levine

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Jimmy Levine of Los Angeles, CA, United States

Twinkly, sunshine eyes- Sparkling flirty smile- Heart of a lioness- Forever friend- Always in my heart, 'till we meet again. Much Love Mai-Mai

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Mary Stucchi of Framingham, MA, USA

sorry for your lose, my thoughts are with you. I wish i could be there with you, the hardest thing is the death of our mothers,all of you were there for us when i lost mine,but your mom lived life to the fullest i'm hppy for that.i'm glad i knew her,i have great memories i'll keep forever.I LOVE YOU ALL!! ginger

Posted: 01/27/2006 by ginger hedge of glendale, az,

i'm very sorry to hear of your loss. thinking of your loss today.

Posted: 01/27/2006 by randy vasquez of west hollywood, CA, United States

My heart felt condolences to Jimmy and all of the Demers family members.

Posted: 01/27/2006 by valentine Leone of Brooklyn, NY, United States

Jimmy- I am so sorry to have heard about your mother's passing. I viewed the beautiful web page you and your brothers set up in honor of her. I was able to listen to the song you created as well. It was lovely. The perfect testimonial to a perfect person. Next time you come to the casino area, give me a call. 860-460-2445. It was great to see you at Elemis Spa a few months ago. Warm regards- Kevin Rogers ex-casino host

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Kevin Rogers of Stonington, CT, usa

we were so sorry to hear of your mom's passing. the whole family loved her. As you all know she was a wonderful person,and she was so proud of you all

Posted: 01/27/2006 by ethel and dick milosh of charltoncity, ma, usa

Jimmy, Donnie and Family- You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Shelley Klingerman of Terre Haute, IN, USA

Jimmy, I am so sorry about you mother’s passing. Aimee and I will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers through this time of grief and loss. -Damon

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Damon of LA, CA,

Jimmy, This is Kurt Ramm. Although we haven't seen each other in years, I am terribly saddened by the news of your family's loss. I just heard, and if there is ANYTHING that I can do, please do not hesitate..... It has been just over 12 years since we lost our dad, and I swear I miss him more each day. It's kind of strange how even if it's been years since we've seen each other, whenever we run into each other, the feeling is always that of seeing a good old friend. Always has been. Always will. The true relection of this is in the job our parents did to teach us kindness and respect for each other. I now have 2.5 year old twin boys, and I hope that I can do the job that my Dad has done with me. To this day I look to his advice to assist me. I'm sure you will always look to your Mother's advice for guidance. And her love for her children will never fade, but only grow stronger as you realize just how much of a presence she is. It was very easy to think I knew how much I loved my Dad while he was with us, I swear my love has tripled for him since he has been gone. I find myself asking myself the questions I would go to him for advice, and without a doubt, I answer in the same way he would. I am sure you will find the same for you regarding your Mom. Peace to you and your family, I hope that you are doing well enough right now. I cried listening to your Mom's tribute, and thought of My Dad. Thank you. Very moving, and oh so true... Your old friend, -=Kurt

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Kurt Ramm of Westboro, MA, USA

So sorry for your loss, Jimmy. I lost my father Joe Giacona, an Italian immigrant, this past July 2005, at age 74. Very difficult times for my family, and mother especially. I pray your mother is at peace in Heaven with the Lord. Condolensces, Greg Giacona

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Greg Giacona of Houston, Texas, USA

Dear Jimmy and Family, I am so sorry for your loss. Jimmy always spoke of your mother with such a vivid love, I never met her but she lives in Jim's stories. Love, amy

Posted: 01/27/2006 by amy turner of , ,

Dear Jimmy and Family, I am so sorry for your loss. Jimmy always spoke of your mother with such a vivid love, I never met her but she lives in Jim's stories. Love, amy

Posted: 01/27/2006 by amy turner of , ,

To Mary's children: With all the love of her being she loved you so. Her life was blessed because of you. Know that you were her reason for living. Through all the years and all that life surrounds you with she always had one more SMILE, one more word of LOVE, and one more moment to LISTEN. What a joy to have known her. We will miss her dearly. She has gone home to make the way safe for all of you. The Lord has her in His loving embrace and her heart is filled with joy and love. We will join her soon as our brief stay here leads us home to the Lord. We will see her again in that big Bridge game. She will be there with those beautiful blue eyes and big bright smile saying welcome to all. With our deepest love and sadness on this day please know that you are being prayer for and loved because of her. We love you all Kathy and Nick Stefanou

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Kathy & Nick Stefanou of Worcester, Ma, USA

Jimmy and Donnie, I didn't know your mother, but I am so sorry to hear of her death. My thoughts are with you.

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Wendy Heiman of New Rochelle, NY,

To a wonderful family, that I have the pleasure of knowing. There are no words to describe my feelings in the loss of your mother. My deepest sympathy goes out to all of you in this time of mourning. My heart is with you. I send my deepest love and prayers. Donnie, As Long as I'm still here, you have my ears and shoulder to cry on. Love, Nancy Ritacco & Family

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Nancy Ritacco of Worcester, MA, USA

I still think back to the fond memories of visiting her in Maine and playing cards. She will be missed, but never forgotten. Sorry for your loss.

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Stevan Magnussen of Framingham, MA, USA

In this time of sorrow may loving memories light your path to peace. Thinking of you with deepest sympathy. Sorry to hear of your loss. God bless! Tracy

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Tracy Spanier of Clinton, CT,

Donnie, I will be praying for you and your family during the time of sorrow. May God bless you and your family! Hugs, Eiko

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Eiko Akimoto of Tokyo, , Japan

So sorry for you loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Randy Olsen of Los Angeles, CA, United States

I only know Jimmy casually. I know of his genuine concern for others and his generosity of spirit. I also know that comes from the family and from ones parents most particularly one's mother. I am honored to have been allowed to leave a message and hold you in my thoughts at this time of loss. Jim Jacobson New York

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Jim Jacobson of new york, NY, US

I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you all.. David

Posted: 01/27/2006 by David Owens of New York, New york, United States

On to a better place, my dear Girl: I did not know you, but I do know your family, your beautiful sons, and your spirit which they carry on and share with all of us every day. You must have been a great woman as your children have turned out to be quite special. I know they made you so very proud. Blessings from Peter Rafelson

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Peter Rafelson of N. Hollywood, CA, United States

jimmy I am so sorry to hear about your mom, she was so blessed to have had you spend some much quality time with her while she was sick, you are a true angel, and death is just simply leaving the body, but she is still around. She is a brave and beautiful woman, and always will be. Know that you are loved and love is all around you and you are never alone, we are all connected and in togetherness. Love to you and your family, your beautiful mother is on her eternal journey in life, she is filled with light and love, the mystery is feared because it's unknown, yet intuitively it is divine. I am here for you, amy

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Amy of BH, Ca,

Jimmy ... Judy and I are both so sorry to hear that your Mom passed on last night. Our deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family and friends that all new your Mom as someone very special in their lives. Hopefully you'll continue to feel her thoughts and energy as you go forward, and especially the LOVE that never ceases to exist. Please give us a call when you get back in town so we can spend some time together ... John and Judy

Posted: 01/27/2006 by John And Judy of , Michigan,

I am so sorry to here your Mom has passed on. I will pray for her to be at peace with the angels as she rises to a better place then she has been for some time. May you know I am by your side and I feel your loss. I send so much love and compassion to you and your family. Tara

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Tara G of Bel Air, Ca,

as always, had a smile as i'm starting to read my mail from you jimmy......then, my heart dropped as michael's supernatural delivery of the lasting moment.............heart felt to all luv,bud

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Buddy of B.H., CA.,

My deepest and heartfelt sympathy goes out to all of you...our mothers shared the same birthday, I lost my mom 2 years and 11 months before you lost the day. God will give you the strength to make it through...she will always be with you and always watching over all of you. Jimmy, your music is still incredible and the song to your mother is the made me cry. God Bless you as you try to cope with your loss...remember, she is not gone, she is just away...she will always be in your heart and memories never fade. Cheryl

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Cheryl of Surprise, Arizona, USA

A few hours, A few minutes, A few seconds, A simple thought of your mom, and she'll be at your side forever. I wish there were words, I could say to make you feel better through such a difficult time. I love you guys. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Sonny

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Sonny I of Boston, Mass,

oh jimmy.... i am so very sorry for your loss.... i cannot even begin to imagine the sadness you must be feeling. please accept my deepest condolences both to you and your family. my heart goes out to you all....

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Melissa of Boston,. mass, ,

I am so so sorry to hear this news. When I imagine being in your shoes right now, I am fighting back tears. Your faith is strong and will be your navigator though this challenging time. I love you and will pray for you and your family. I am here, Jonathan

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Jonathan of , New York,

Jimmy, Our Hearts go out to you and your family. You have a beautiful family and from what I know is a strong family that will try and see the good in this situation. And I think that is, that your mother had a great life and she raised 3 Beautiful Sons and 1 Beautiful Daughter who have gone on to be amazing people. You being the one I know best and a True honor it has been to have known you these past 2 years and bringing you into my life with Erica ( who adores you). Your mother has so much to be proud of in what she is leaving behind, A man that only tries to go good for others and makes a major impact in people's lives that you know. I am sure she will shine down on you for the rest of your life. I will always be here for you to lean on if you ever need me through this rough time. Be strong and always carry her with you throughout your life. I love you very much and Erica sends her love to you and your family. Unfortunately I don't think we can be there for you at the Funeral. Erica's family is flying into town Friday night and her sister Saturday at noon and I have to pick her up. But unless I can figure a way out to be there for you, please know that We will be there in spirit and our hearts are with you. We both love you very much. Jason

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Jason of Boston, MASS,

I'm coming my love, I'll be there friday night to hold your hand and wipe your tears, can't get to you soon enough...

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Sara of Santa Monica, Ca,

Dearest Jimmy, I was so sorry to hear of the passing of your terrirfic Mom....the pain of such a loss cannot be expressed in words.....I can only tell you that your wonderful memories will carry you through the worst of times and although the hole never goes away you will learn how to focus on the joys you shared. Please accept our deepest sympathy and extend our thoughts and prayers to your family. Thinking of you with love, always.....Myra and Tito

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Myra and Tito of Boston, ,

I had no idea your mother was a bridge player, exactly like my mom. I am so sorry about your mom. Please give your whole family my blessings. I love you guys. Please call me when you get a chance. Love you eddie

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Ed Bruno of New York City, New York,

I am so sorry. I'll say a prayer for your mother. Just know that she is still with you.

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Diane W of , ,

right now while you go through one of the hardest times in your life. i don't really know what to say...i wish that i could be there for you right now. my thoughts are with you and my heart breaks for you and your family. i love you and are here for you when you are ready for a friend. love nat.

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Natalie W of NY, NY,

Jimmy… I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I know it’s tough. It was not that long ago that I lost my father…so I know emotions are on a rollercoaster as much as you try to keep it together. Remember the good times…and I know her spirit is alive in you and in the rest of your family. She’ll always walk with you. David

Posted: 01/27/2006 by David B of Los Angeles, ,

Jimmy, I'm so sad and sorry to hear of your Mother's passing. Having never met her directly, I feel from your spirit that she must have been infinitely loving (and patient). The infinite annoyance of life is that those that bring us the most joy and light also bring us the most grief when they go. Their lives are always worth the grief, but still there's so much grief. There's nothing to do but rejoice in her life, and cry, and rejoice and cry. Love you, Steve

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Steve of Palo Alto, California,

You are so beautiful. God bless you and your family. Sending you more love than you know. Brian

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Brian of L.A., ,

Dear Jimmy, I know how much you love you mom. From the first day we met, I always loved how much you love her. I know she is a great soul because she came to earth to bring YOU to all of us. As you mourn this deep loss, remember how much you are me, by Bri, by your thousands of friends around the world and by your family. As your mom gets her angels wings securely fastened, know that your all-time biggest fan will be working hard on your behalf from the other side. I love you, Arielle

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Arielle of La Jolla, Ca,

My dearest Jimmy,... ...I know what a shock it must be for you to lose your Mother, but think of it as a release for her. If she could get through to you now, her words would probably be, "Don't worry about me. I am in complete knowingness now, and I have shed a body that no longer works for me." Maharishi teaches that the loved one who has gone to the other side, stays very close for about three months, so continue talking to her as though she is in another room. She has simply gone past your senses and is still very much with you. You can help her by letting her know you understand this. This will help to free her soul to start her next trip on the evolutionary road. How lovely that your Mother lived to know you had signed your contract and that Nature was supporting her beloved Jimmy's desires. So now, in spite of your sorrow, celebrate having had such a wonderful Mother. No one will ever take her place, but she will want you to be happy. In the East, they teach that death is not the ending but actually is the beginning. The say if one knew the truth, he would cry at a birth and rejoice at a death, knowing that life on the mortal plane is like grammar school. a series of tests, and death is graduation, Your Mother lived an extraordinary life, and will certainly be well received on the other side. So dearest Jimmy, I send you a heart full of love and sympathy. Let me know when you will be back. Nancy

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Nancy C of Beverly Hills, California,

Jimmie, What a beautiful tribute to your mother! And she is beautiful as so young! I'm only 9 years younger than she. I am go glad that I can now, finally, appreciate my own mother. Thank you. My heart is with you. Enjoy! Julie

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Julie T of , ,

Dear Jimmy, Michael, and your wonderful family, My thoughts are with you as you celebrate the life and legacy of your mother. There will be tears and there will be joy. Take it all in and let yourselves fully mourn. I’ve been there and it’s hard but also a reminder of what’s really important in life……, love, commitment…. You are all dear to me and I will pray for you….. Love and Peace

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Mark K of , New Jersey,

My deepest and most solemn condolences to you, Donny and your entire family. I hope that you did look out the window at that moment because I am sure that she was there smiling upon you. I know she must have been so proud of you. Embrace this time with your family and I'll see you when you return.

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Cynthia of , ,

Jimmy, My heart is breaking for you now. Please accept my most sincere condolences on the loss of your mother. She was a wonderful woman who loved her sons fiercly, and now you have an exceptional advocate for you in Heaven. May our Lord comfort you, and welcome her with open arms and all the angels singing her praise. I will pray for you and your family. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you, I will call Michael immediately and tell him as well. All my love, and God Bless, Mary

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Mary Y. of Houston, Texas,

Jimmy, You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. If you need anything, I hope you know that I'm here for you baby. Be strong and find comfort in knowing your Mom is smiling down on you from Heaven. Much love, Tony

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Tony L of NYC, NY,

my wonderful sweet jimmy..... although i do not know your Mom i am crying as i write this.......having lost one, that to me, was my parent (my uncle Sal 3 yrs ago)...I know what you are going through. Allow your self to feel it, breathe it and mourn, but know that they are always with us (remember my apartment story?) just in a different way......i won't lie and tell you everything will be the way it was, it won't, it's never the same does get better - I PROMISE you that!!!!

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Leslle of Los Angeles, CA,

Sweet Jimmy and Donnie- My deepest sympathy for your loss. May the warmth of God’s arms around you give you strength. This helped me when I lost my mom. I hope it does you too. God Bless you and your family. Toni Safely Home I am home in Heaven, dear ones; Oh , so happy and so bright! There is a perfect joy and beauty In the everlasting light. All the pain and grief is over, Every restless tossing passed; I am now at peace forever, Safely home in heaven at last. Did you ever wonder I so calmly Trod the valley of the shade? Oh, but Jesus’ love illuminated Every dark and fearful glade. And He Himself came to meet me In that way so hard to tread; And with Jesus’ arm to lean on, Could I have one doubt or dread? Then you must not grieve so sadly, for I love you dearly still. Try to look beyond earth’s shadows, Pray to trust our Father’s Will. There is working still waiting for you , So you must not idly stand; Do it now, while life remaineth, You shall rest in Jesus’ land. When that work is all completed, He will gently call you Home; Oh, the rapture of that meeting Oh! The joy to see you come!

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Toni lamb of , ,

To you and your family......Much love and stamina.... Frances

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Frances Fisher of , ,

I am at a loss for words. Tears pour down my face as I read Mary's obit and listen to her children's music. So beautiful. Two years ago, I left my Cavendish Family and moved to Texas. Thank you Tom for sending me this email and keeping me informed. Mary's laughter rings in my ears as I type this; and as to her Bridge abilities, there was no one better !! Hugs to all her children, she's gone way before her time.

Posted: 01/27/2006 by Beverly Greer of Georgetown, TX, USA

Your mother must have been an angel on this planet you and donny are a testiment to that! Her beautiful energy will live on through you... May she enjoy the beauty of heaven and continue to bless with her presence... Many blessings to you if you need me call xxxx i love you Robin

Posted: 01/27/2006 by robin le mesurier of los angeles, ca,

Thank you for all the enjoyment you brought to me as a friend, partner, and competitor. A big kiss from me to you as you travel to the Big Tournament in the Sky. I heard you can earn celestial master points there, and become an After-Life Master. My condolences to all who knew her.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Tom Raymond of Worcester, MA, USA

Life without Aunt Mary will be much different. She definately made you feel as you were the most important person in the world, that was and always will stay in my mind.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Michie Payea Di Alfonso of , ,

I haven't seen Jimmy in a long time, and didn't know Jimmy's mom, but since I got the e-mail, I thought I would honor her memory by reading about her. What a lovely tribute - seems she was a loving and beautiful spirit. My best wishes to the Demers Family; my thoughts are with you.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Drea of L.A., ,

donnie and jimmy... please accept my condolences on your loss... my heart and prayers and with you both and your family at this sad time... all my love... david evangelista

Posted: 01/26/2006 by david evangelista of nyc, ny, usa

i took care of your mother as her nurse at svh. i will truly remember her as one of my favorite patients.she was so very sick the first time she was admitted but her spirit and hope and the true love of her family kept her going and very much alive. she spoke so lovingly of her family,especially of her grandchildren,mikey(my son is a soph @ wpi as well),lauren,ashley, and cassandra.she was so proud of you all.i heard sooo many beautiful stories.god bless

Posted: 01/26/2006 by cindy sawosik of , ,

Beautiful song and a wonderful tribute to your mother. My deepest condolences for your loss. God Bless you and your family at this difficult time. From a classmate and friend of Jimmy's from Doherty Memorial High School class of 1982.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Tina Manoogian Healey of Worcester, MA, USA

i took care of your mother as her nurse at svh. i will truly remember her as one of my favorite patients.she was so very sick the first time she was admitted but her spirit and hope and the true love of her family kept her going and very much alive. she spoke so lovingly of her family,especially of her grandchildren,mikey(my son is a soph @ wpi as well),lauren,ashley, and cassandra.she was so proud of you all.i heard sooo many beautiful stories.god bless

Posted: 01/26/2006 by cindy sawosik of , ,

Hello Jimmy, My deepest condolences to you and your family. May your mothers transition to the next level be a reminder of how beautiful and precious our time here on earth is. Love, peace and blessings to you and your family, Gardner

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Gardner Cole of Phoenix, AZ, United States

Dear Jimmy, Donnie and family, I am so sorry about your loss. I did not have the pleasure of knowing your mother but she looks so beautiful in her photo. If I had known her I would thank her for raising such wonderful, talented, loving children. What a gift to us all. While I cannot be at her service, you and in my thoughts and prayers. Peace and Love be with you. Joel

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Joel Kehle of Hollywood, CA, USA

The Foley Family and the entire 'GATHERING' send their heart felt condolence to the Demers family for the loss of Mary.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Mary and Ed Foley of Dedham, MA, USA

We are very sorry for your loss. Your Mother held and still holds a very special place in ALL of OUR hearts.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by The 3-11 shift staff members of Worcester, MA, USA

Mike, Andrew and I are saddened to learn of Mary's passing. Having lived downstairs from Mary for many years now, we have grown to love her. She was like family to us. We feel that we have been blessed having such a wonderful person grace our lives. We will truly miss her. Mike and Lisa Thibaud, and Andrew Ruderman

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Lisa Thibaud of Worcester, MA, USA

Dear Jimmy and family, I am so sorry to learn of the terribly sad news. Your mother sounded like a wonderful and warm woman. She will not be forgotten. Your song is also one of the most heartfelt, moving musical tributes I have ever heard. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Jillian

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Jillian McAlley of New York, NY, USA

My love and support to all .... Respectfully Mary Lou

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Mary Lou Hedge of Glendale, AZ,


Posted: 01/26/2006 by bill and fay carraher of billerica, MA, USA

I'm so sorry. Much love to you. Jody

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Jody of Los Angeles, CA , USA

To the Demers Family, Words cannot express the sorrow that I have hearing the news just now of the loss of Mary Demers. I grew up in Worcester and lived right down the street from the Demers family. I went to High School with Jimmy and I worked for Michael one summer and knew other family members as well. Jimmy and I now live in Los Angeles and are still friends. I want to express my condolonces to the family and let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers at this time. May God bless Mary Demers and watch over and take care of the family during this difficult time. Love, Vincent DeBenedictis

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Vincent DeBenedictis of Agoura Hills, California,

Jimmy, If I ever had the chance to meet your mother, I would've told her "thank you" for raising such a loving, talented, beautiful son. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Love, Judy

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Judy Holman of LA, CA, USA

My heart goes out to all of you. Aunt Mary was a wonderful ray of sunshine to us all. Her presence will always be missed - but NEVER forgotten. Peace be with you. *****Love Always, Cousin Sheryl

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Sheryl Kapelos of , MA, USA

Message from an Angel With a slow and noiseless footstep Comes a messenger divine To take the vacant chair beside me And lay her gentle hand in mine And as she sits and gazes at me With her deep and tender eyes Like the stars so still and saintlike Looking downward from the skies Speaking not, yet comprehended In her spirits voiceless prayer Soft blessings of love Breathing from her lips of air. -Dedicated to the memory of Mary Demers

Posted: 01/26/2006 by With Love and great sorrow ~ from Rich of , ,

It is strange that we have been here on the planet so long and yet have so little language for times like this. This word "condolences" is pretty much the entire lexicon for grief. We offer it to each other in our mute awe for the Universe. Perhaps the wisdom in this is that allows us to focus our hearts and mind not so much on someone's passing, but on there having been here. For we all will be leaving, it's what we do when we are here that differentiates us in so many ways...And there are so many words for that... I'm sorry I never got to meet your mother, my brother. I would have thanked her for bringing you into this world where you have brightened the path of everyone you've met. I would have thanked her for her part in your wonderful voice-- which will still allow for her to be heard by those who listen to you. I would have wondered at her contribution to your compassion and friendship which have been a source of comfort and joy for me. Perhaps we are vehicles for the continuation of what is best in each of us-- and in this task I know you will be strong and devoted. If there is anything I can do for you-- know I am here... Much Love, scott

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Scott B of , ,

To the entire Demers family, I am a friend of Ashley, and I was privilidged to get the opportunity to get to know Mary a couple of years ago. I would like to offer my sympathies to each member of this wonderful family. I have had the chance to get to know a few of you, and you are all fantastic people. My thoughts are with you all during this time. Take solace in that she is now at peace, and that she is still with each of you every day. With all of my condolances, Katy

Posted: 01/26/2006 by katy cotter of Nashua, NH, USA

Dear Jimmy and Donnie: I am so sorry for your loss. All I know is that your mother raised you guys the right way. My thoughts are with you, Love, Erik

Posted: 01/26/2006 by erik kritzer of , ,

Dear Jimmy and Donnie, Our condolences got out to you and your loved ones Guy Roche and family

Posted: 01/26/2006 by guy roche of los angeles, ca, usa

Jimmy & Donny, We send you and your family our deepest sympathy. May your Mother's loving spirit be with you forever. Love Always, Paul & Laura Fow Los Angeles, CA

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Paul & Laura Fow of Los Angeles, CA, United States

To The Demers family: May love and comfort be your staff on this journey as you celebrate the life of a beautiful mother who touched so many hearts and in your healing, knowing that all those she has touched now carry the essence of her life. Peace -Suzanne

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Suzanne Sole of Los Angeles, California, United States

To the Demers Family, I know you all must be feeling a huge loss right now but remember how your lives were so enriched by your mother Mary. I feel your pain and sorrow and all of you are in my thoughts and prayers. Mary, was blessed with all of you and in turn you enriched her life! I could tell she was at peace as each and everyone of you were there for her in her final days on this earth and this life. She is a special person and will move onto a place that is special too! If there is anything our family can do you for do not hesitate to ask as we are here for you! We love you and share in your grief and loss! Peace to your mother and to all of you. Be strong and be proud! Our heart felt regrets, Jeff, Mary, and Samantha Quillen

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Jeffrey Quillen of worcester, massachusetts, USA

May Mary be a guiding light throughout the years and through many generations, both to you and the many people she touched' Jimmy, although I haven't seen you in a long time, Annelies speaks much of you and you family so I feel as though I have been there each time she has seen you and yours. Much love is sent your way.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Frieda Codelia of Worcester, MA,

May Mary be a guiding light throughout the years and through many generations, both to you and the many people she touched' Jimmy, although I haven't seen you in a long time, Annelies speaks much of you and you family so I feel as though I have been there each time she has seen you and yours. Much love is sent your way.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Frieda Codelia of Worcester, MA,


Posted: 01/26/2006 by SOPHIA TOMASINO of LEICESTER, MA, USA

Though i've never met the beautiful Mary, i've had the honor, privilege, and pleasure of knowing the product of her great love and soul; raising Jimmy and Donnie as beacons of LIGHT FOR THE WORLD TO ENJOY. My heart is heavy with woe today, but this feeling serves as a reminder as to how truly magnificent, precious, and fragile our time here is. Remember the beauty Mary has given and set forth in motion. Remember the love. Know that we allll love you. My heart goes out to you allll. white light and violet flames, Eric love

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Eric Hackett of L.A., CA, USA

To the family: I would like to send my deepest condolences with regard to your recent loss. "Ashley's Grandma" was an excellent woman and I am grateful I had a few opportunities to meet her. What a vibrant soul! I know how much she meant to Ash although I cannot possibly know how hard this has been. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Rachelle (aka London)

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Rachelle Biernacka of Manchester, NH,

FOR THE DEMERS FAMILY, WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW SORRY WE ARE FOR YOUR LOSS our prayers are with you all jimmy please call us whenever you can, let us know that you are ok. love from joan and al.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by joan and al hecht of bronx, new york, usa

Hello Donnie, I don't know if you remember me and my Brother -Ray Zecco from MDA but when I saw the BEAUTIFUL tribute to your Mom I felt compelled to send you our families condolenses. I pray you are well and I know that you have a Beautiful Guardian Angel on your shoulder now. May God Bless you and your family until you are all together again in paradise. Love, The Zecco Family.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Gina Zecco of worcester, ma, usa

To my old friends, I can find space in this tiny little box to leave my condolences and perhaps a thought or two....but there is just not enough room for me to leave my memories. Know that I am thinking of you. Know that I have shed many tears today for the loss of your mother, while at the same time...I have smiled while remembering her. I am one of the lucky ones on earth, to have been loved by her, now let the angels welcome her home. With love, Mott (Maureen Trainor Monahan)

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Mott of Worcester, Ma, USA


Posted: 01/26/2006 by arlene & christie miranda of bronx, new york, usa

The Demers family are in our thoughts and pray. Shae was a wonderful woman. Love, Leslle and Deidra Sarego

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Deidra and Leslle Sarego of los angeles, ca, usa

To The Entire Demers Family, I met your mother only once ans will never forget her.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by lisa of , ,

Dear Jimmy, Donnie, and all of the Demers family, I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. Although, I never met her, I've heard only beautiful things about her. My love and prayers are with you all. With love, Coreen

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Coreen Tedeschi of Wappingers Falls, NY, United States

To all the Demers, please know you are all in my prayers. Please know I am sending you strength and love during this trying time. God bless your angel. Love, Elena.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Elena Christopoulos of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

To my extended family, who I send my deapest love, Momma will be greatly missed by so many of us. She left us with a special part of her that has touched us all. She is looking down on us smiling showung the rest how to have fun. Love U All.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by maureen of , ,

Sending you my love and support to the entire Demers family and everyone that has been touched by knowing Mary or one of her remarkable children. To write the word Mother down on a piece of paper or even to speak it sparks powerful emotions that are unexplainable to most. The Demers children and grandchildren know exactly what it means. In this time of grievance I thank Mary for her triumphant Motherhood and everyone she touched – also for showing her children by constant example what loving a family truly means.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Joel Glass of Los Angeles, California, USA

Dear Jimmy,Donnie and Family I am very sorry to hear of your moms passing. I know you will find comfort in one another and in your mothers legacy.My love is with you today and always Stacy

Posted: 01/26/2006 by stacy earl of Los Angeles, California,

My Dearest Cousins, The wonderful light that Illuminated throughout Mom's spirit&soul will for ever shine bright through you,your dear children and anyones hearts who were blessed to have known her. "Rest in peace my sweet sweet Aunt" xxxxoooo Love your cuz Cathy

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Cathy Renaud of Lowell, Mass, U.S.A. endless hug endless LOVE, to you and your family, jimmy.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by gina kronstadt of studio city, ca, usa

My dear sweet Jimmy, my heart breaks for you and your family over the loss of your amazing mother. My hope is that you, Michael, Donnie, Mary and the rest of your family can find peace in her memory, and love and warmth from those around you. My sincerest condolences and all my love... Missy.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Melissa Freedman of Milton, MA,

My deepest sympathy to all on the passing of Aunt Mary. She was a truly wonderful woman, who carried such strength and love to all those she touched. Our prayers are with you all.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Kim Kapelos of Houston, Texas, usa

Dear Jimmy, Donnie, Michael, Lauren and all the Demers family -- I read with sadness this morning Jimmy's email saying that your beloved mother had passed on January 25. Please know that I am praying for her and also for all of you as you go through this passage. Although I did not know her, I know how you loved her and through your love, I felt as though I knew her. While I cannot be with you for her services, I will close my eyes, say a prayer into the close and holy light, and hear Jimmy and Donnie's music. I will be with you in spirit. My love comes with this note, and is with all of you today. Kay

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Kay Grace (Beaumont) of San Francisco, CA, USA

Dear Jimmy and family, I am so sorry for your great loss. There is nothing like your mother. :( God bless you and your family now and always. Jimmy I look you up on the internet all the time. I am so happy for you and your success.The song "Mother's Hand" made me cry when I heard you. Great tribute to such a wonderful mother. You are in my prayers. Love your friend, Jackie

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Jackie(Kupfer)Gabbett of worcester, mass, usa

Just heard from Jimmy. I'm so sorry for the loss of your mother guys. She's definetly in a better place. Maybe playing cards. We all had some good times together at the woods with your mom. Lots of love, Sonny Iannacone

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Sonny Iannacone of Quincy, Ma, USA

Iknow i don't know your family, but was very touched by your beautiful musical triubte to your mother. I lost my mother at a young age also and its very hard. My warmest and deepest prayers go out to your entire family. Mrs. Finnegan

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Ivy Finnegan of Worcester, mass, worc

My Dearest Jimmy, Sweetheart, how ironic that mother passed today...and today is my father's 78th birthday. I send you so much love and comfort, hugs and calm on this day. She has transcended to a peaceful beautiful warm place. My utmost thoughts are with you in this moment as I pray to her. Take care and be safe, Love you much, Cindy

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Cindy Wilson of San Diego, Ca, USA

To the Demers I know and love, the Demers they love that I do not know, and the Demers up in heaven: I send my love and prayers. My heart is with you all tonight.

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Sara Borden of Los Altos, California, USA

You are in our prayers during this time of sorrow. God bless your mother's soul, and may the love, strength and kindness she graced this world with, continue to be a light unto each of you as you mourn her passing. With love, Dana & Gary

Posted: 01/26/2006 by Dana & Gary Stein of New York, NY, USA

My dear family, We are saddened by her passing, and will always remember her as a truly remarkable woman...a great teacher of 'resilience'. She lived life with a passion for family, grateful for every new day, and gifted with gentle wisdom. We are truly blessed by this learning. We hold you all in our hearts during these challenging days. Love and bless, Steve & Linn

Posted: 01/25/2006 by Steve & Linn Morrill of Cambridge, MA,

I just wanted to say im sorry to the whole demers family. i didn;t really see mrs. demers a lot but when i did all she did was smile and let me go into her dryer whitch was her secret hidding place for her snacks!!! she was the nicest women i have ever met that wasn't in my family though she wasn't related to me she acted like she was. that is all i would like to say R.I.P mummala/mamsley !!!!

Posted: 01/25/2006 by tom of worcester, MA, us

My sincerest condolences to the entire Demers family. Mary was an absolutely gorgeuos woman!

Posted: 01/25/2006 by Preska Thomas of Santa Monica, California, USA

My deepest hearfelt sorry with the passing of Aunt Mary. My many fond memories of her endless devotion and love I shall cherish for ever!

Posted: 01/25/2006 by Dean Demers of Houston, Texas, USA

There are no words that can express my heartfelt sorrow for Donnie, Jimmy and the entire Demers Family. I only wish I had been able to meet Mary before her passing. I did have a wonderfully delightful phone call with her this last holiday season. Her warmness rang through the phone as if she were in the room. With Donnie as my dear friend - I've come to know Mary through his great stories - he's always said that it was her strength that made him the man he is today. She must have been a great woman as Donnie turned out quite the gentleman. I pray for your comfort and peace in this most trying time. My sincerest condolences and love. Marty Garcia

Posted: 01/25/2006 by Marty Garcia of Glendora, CA , USA