04/25/2009 Rick Beauchesne
Chino Valley , Arizona, USA
To all my cousins, My wife and I were sorry to hear about uncle Roland. He's in a great place worry free. It's a little late but I just spoke with my sister Terry and she told me the news. Hope all of you are doing good. Your cousin Rick.

LOWELL, MA, United States
Please let me apologize and also express my sympathy to your family. I was at a meeting Tuesday night and didn't read Roland's obituary till 10pm. I had seen the small obit on Monday, but the J.Roland threw me off so I wasn't sure if it was "our" Roland. I have known your father since I can remember. One of my fondest memories of Roland was when I was very little. We had a game that when I came to the store with my mother, Roland would take me and put me in a new display garbage barrel and put the cover on it. He would then sit on it and say, "Gee where is Louis?" Sounds terrible I know.. but I looked forward to that everytime! In the past years I would see Roland at St. Jeanne D'arcs Turkey night and we would talk a bit. No charity was listed so I figured we would donate to St. Vincent DePaul which is now St. Rita's Parish in Roland's name. Thank you, Louis P. Gagnon AG Hardware Supply

04/07/2009 Aunt Lucille (Lulu) Guevin
Simi Valley, CA., Ventura
Dear Dianne & Victor,My Thoughts and prayers are with you .

04/06/2009 Fran Radgowski
Sorrento, FL, USA
Paul and Family, I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your Dad. I will always remember him with his dimples and twinkle in his eyes. He was a good man and God must be very happy to welcome him home. Blessings to All