04/23/2013 Jonathan ("Jay") Parrish Rivers
New Albany, Ohio, USA
I was saddened to learn, only yesterday, of the passing of Grandmaster Richard Byrne last September. My memories of him are still very strong, although it has been almost 30 years since I was a student in his schools. I chose to pursue other activities when I was much younger, and then relocated a few times, but I have recently picked back up in Tang Soo Do at Koguryo Martial Arts, in Ohio. Grandmaster Byrne, as well as all of my instructors and fellow students, were like family to me. We held classes on my front lawn. A few scenes from a movie, featuring GM Byrne, Toru Tanaka, and Bill Wallace, were filmed at my house. My mom practiced TSD also and helped out in the school. We had many TSD outings, clinics, demonstrations, and tournaments. I got to play E.T. and "heal" GM Byrne's head, after he broke boards with it, in one demonstration. He was present at my testing ceremonies and when I competed in tournaments. He was a very imposingly-sized man with an enormous heart, and although I didn't catch him smiling much, he was always willing to help me get through a form or a one-step. I even got to spar with him at least once. I'll continue to miss him, as well as the family he helped create. RIP, Kwan Jang Nim.

11/29/2012 Barry Alman
San Diego, CA, USA
Condolences to family & friends. Richie was a good friend and basketball teammate in the late 60's. I had the opportunity to speak with him, on the phone, last year (after 40+ years). We spoke of the good times we had shared. We spoke of his businesses. He was a humble man and will be missed.

09/21/2012 Ed and Arleen Burke
Peabody, MA , USA
Dear Paula, Ed and I were very sorry to hear about Richard's passing. He was always kind to us -- always a gentleman. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

09/13/2012 Jason Powlette
Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA
My condolences to Grandmaster Byrne's family, friends, students and to the entire American Tang Soo Do Association. His loss is a loss to Tang Soo Do. Sincerely, Master Jason Powlette 6th Dan, Intercontinental Tang Soo Do Org.

09/12/2012 Frank Costantino
Winthrop, MA, USA
Dear Paula, I was away at the time, and deeply saddened to hear the news from my sons. My two sons, Master Cory, 2nd Dan Noel, Green Belt Matt, and myself at Red Belt were at one time all training in Tang Soo Do. I had many occasions to speak with Master Byrne,and he was always deferential, as well as gracious and open to me. He always made it a point to say hello and chat some when I brought my sons to the tournaments, and later attended them to see Noel or Cory compete. Master Byrne also confided his deep support of Cory for over 20 years, which helped him immeasurably in learning the true measure of martial arts . He was a large figure in so many ways, to so many people. I send my deepest sympathies to you for his loss.

09/10/2012 Maureen O'Mahoney
Everett, Ma,
So sorry to hear about Richard's passing. Our sincere condolences to Paula and family.

09/10/2012 Dan Pettiglio
Bradford, NH, USA
I was already training with Walter Kowalski when Richard came to learn wrestling. We became tag team partners and I was always impressed by his dedication and professionalism. We made many a wrestling trip together and I always enjoyed just chatting as we drove. (I hope he forgave me one time he let my take the wheel of his sports car). He helped so many and was committed to his students and friends. RIP Richard from your old partner, Dan Petty.

09/09/2012 Storace family
Saugus, MA, USA
Paula, We are so saddened to hear about your loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family! Love, The Storace family (Larry, Susan, Lawrence, Lindsay & Lily)

09/09/2012 judy mercurio ijam1012!
saugus, mass, usa
Paula, Lauren and i would like to tell you how sorry we were to hear about your husband Richard our thoughts and prayers are with you at this most difficult time..... Judy & Lauren Mercurio

09/09/2012 Jeremy Freund
NorthAndover, MA, USA
He was inspiring and I was glad to have met him.

09/09/2012 marie byrne
medford, ma,
Richy you were my strength, courage and so much support for my family and for myself with your gentle and very warm feelings that you had I will miss you so much. Rest in peace Marie

09/09/2012 Cousin Stephen and Jon-Dan
Medford, MA, USA
Dear Paula, Jon-Dan and I share your sorrow and loss at Richard's sudden passing. For all his martial-arts exterior he was a warm and gentle soul and we will miss him dearly. Jon-Dan only got to meet Richard on a few occasions but he fondly remembers and treasures the memories of those times. And Richard was always kind, considerate, and generous with me. In peace and loving kindness we join you in your sorrow.

09/09/2012 Barbara Ann Noe
East Boston, Ma., USA
I am so sorry to hear about Richard...When my mom told me we could not stop crying and just remembering all the fun years...Please know you are in our prayers and in our thoughts...Love you always Paula...

09/09/2012 Ron & Judi (Quimby) Johnston
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, USA
To Paula & Family -- We were very saddened to see the death notice of Master Byrne. He was a great idol and mentor for our son John ( who now is a MMA trainer and fighter) Master Byrne touched John's life in a very special way -- we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as you go through this very difficult time.

09/09/2012 Bob Borges
Boscawen , NH, US
Mike, I was sorry to hear about the loss of your brother Richard. I hope you remember me and Ricky from Lisbon St. where we grew up together for a number of years. I have a lot of good memories from those days. Remember how your brother played the organ in our band "The Fringe of Society" Those were the days! It sounds like Rich had quite an exciting life with his Karate and wrestling and that he traveled all over the world. Still,62 was way too soon for his life to end. Yesterday we buried my 52 year old cousin who died suddenly of a heart attack so this has been a sad week for me and hearing about Rich has made it even sadder. I would love to hear from you and to know where you live and what your life has been like since Lisbon St. Again, my deepest sympathy and sorrow over the loss of your brother and my classmate and friend. Take care and I hope to hear from you one day. My love to you and your family,Bob Borges

09/09/2012 Jim and Maryellen Sampson
Medford , mass, USA
Paula, Master Byrne was a great man and an old friend. He will be missed but never forgotten. He has made a huge impact on our son's life. His leadership, kindness and abilities helped Jim become the young man he is today. We will miss him but he will live in our hearts and minds forever. Be strong in this difficult time The Sampson family

09/08/2012 Tony DeRose
Collegeville, PA - Pennsylvania, USA
Kwan Jang Nim was a great human being with a great sense of humor. We've lost a great leader, teacher, and legend. Although I cannot attend in person, my heart and prayers go out to his family and friends. I will keep him and all those close to him in my prayers. To Grandmaster Bryne, one last...Tang Soo! Rest in peace, sir.

09/08/2012 Jean Wenzel
milford , ma, usa
I want to extend my deepest sympathy to you Paula and your family. My prayers are with you at this difficult time. Sincerely, Jean Wenzel

09/08/2012 Marie Bossi
All my heartfelt prayers and condolences go out to the Byrne family at this time of great sorrow. Love, Marie

09/08/2012 Marie Elaina Jessee
Burlington, KY, USA
Paula, We are so sorry for your loss. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Love, Laina and Craig

09/08/2012 Daryle Pataky
West Haven, CT, usa
Our deepest sympathy goes to the Byrne family. Grandmaster Byrne was always so pleasant and nice to our family at karate gradings and tournaments and made us feel very welcome. Sincerely, Daryle, Mary & Brian Pataky

09/08/2012 RIchard Morgan
Hampstead, NH, USA
This obituary tells so little of a man who meant so much in my life. Inspiration, leadership and the knowledge that there is always more deep within to draw upon. His energy filled the room with a peaceful loving strength. He has a permanent home in my heart and I honor him with my actions.

09/07/2012 Daryle, Mary & Brian Pataky
West Haven, CT, USA
Our deepest sympathy to the Byrne family. Grandmaster Byrne was always so pleasant and kind when we would see him at tournaments or gradings. Sincerely, The Pataky Family

09/07/2012 Marc
Meriden, CT, USA
My Deepest Wishes to Family and Friends. I had the privilege of training with Kwang Jang Nim Byrne "Back in the days"- I will never forget- Tang Soo SIR-Rest Peacefully- Sunim Sabom Nim Marc A. Sattler

09/07/2012 noelle drewicz
chelmsford, ma, usa
rest peacefully sir. i will remember many things about you, the school, the training, the competitions....but the most poignant of those memories, and it's so very clear in my mind's eye, is when, at competition, you stood on the sidelines and held my 3 month old daughter like a little loaf of bread! i remember being surprised when you asked to hold her, and touched when you didn't seem to want to let her go. just one of life's moments that made me smile. seems the littlest things in this world often times bring forth the gentle spirit in all. my heart goes out to your family - both at home and in your martial life. yours in moo do, noelle

09/07/2012 Cathy Fairbanks
Apalachin, NY, United States
My deepest sympathies to his wife Paula, and all his family, and all those that love him. He was a truly remarkable man and will never be forgotten. Words can not express my sadness.

09/07/2012 Eric Thomas
South Yarmouth, massachusetts , U.S.A.
Grand Master Byrne you will surely be missed. I never got the real honor of thanking you for helping me become the man I am today. I will remember all of your teachings and your wisdom. Rest in peace

09/07/2012 Robyn Thomas
South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, USA
Our deepest sympathy for your loss. Our hearts are with you. Eric and Robyn Thomas

09/07/2012 James H. Robinson
Limerick, PA, USA
Thank you Grandmaster Byrne for your leadership and dedication to keeping the art of Tang Soo Do alive in the modern world. You were and will always be an inpsiration to me and my students. I am honored to have been a student of your. I remain loyal to the American Tang Soo Do Association and will always hold dear many memories and moments when I had chances to learn from you. Tang Soo !

09/07/2012 dot giggie
revere, mass, america
i am so sorry to hear this he was agreat kid and man he will be missed by many love to all his family.god bless dick and dotty.giggie

09/07/2012 Pete Jarvis
Hamilton , Ontario, Canada
My condolences to the family.I read about David in various magazines. Pete Jarvis-wrestling fan.256

09/07/2012 Dianne L. Callahan
Newbury, MA, United States
Rest peacefully Rich. You will be sadly missed by all of us. I am proud to call you my brother. Give Grumpa a great big bear hug from us. Love Dianne and Jimmy

09/07/2012 Ginny & Paul Kotkowski
Peabody, MA, USA
Jeanne, So sorry for your loss. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Ginny & Paul Kotkowski

09/07/2012 Edward Nieto
Cornelius, North Carolina, US
My deepest sympathy Paula for your loss. My prayers go out to you and Grandmaster Byrne's family. Edward Nieto

09/06/2012 Chris graham
Windham, NH, USA
My thoughts and prayers are with you Paula, may he rest in peace and god bless you both! Chris and Tanya Graham Tang Soo!

09/06/2012 Celona Family
East Boston, MA, United States
Paula...our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

09/06/2012 Jane Manning
East Boston, MA, United States
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

09/06/2012 Jeanne Boland
PEABODY, MA - Massachusetts, USA
We will miss Richie ever so words can express the loss to our family....Jeanne, Danny, Chris Boland and Jaclyn, Timothy and Lincoln Hill....

09/06/2012 William Decoff
Danvers, Mass, Usa
In the ring we were enemies. Outside of the ring I respected you and always considered you a friend. As a rookie you counseled me a taught me how to be the best that I could be. I'm a better man, father, and person have having known you. God bless you my friend.

09/06/2012 Marguerite Mulvan
Blackwood, New Jersey,
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Grandmaster Bryne as well as the extended family of students and masters. Know that he will be looking down on all of you and giving you the strength to get through this difficult time. Remember the good times each of you had with him, so that he can rest in peace. The world has lost a very gentle soul, but the heavens have certainly gained one. His spirit will live on in the lives of those he has touched. I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful man many years ago and felt that we had been friends forever. Rest peacefully my friend!!!

09/06/2012 Linda Pessolano-Conlon
Revere, Ma, USA deepest sympathy to you and Richards family. You and Richard have always been good to anybody you were associated with. I know you will miss him...My prayers are with you always.

09/06/2012 david pomes
putnam , connecticut, usa
i attended and competed in Grand Master Byrne's tournament in woburn for three yrs....i have only the utmost respect for Him.He was the kindest.most cordial man i have ever icon in the martial arts,i shall always remember his kind smile and unconditional respect for all martial artists....TANG SOO GRAN MASTER BYRNE!!!! rest in peace ..may God accept you as you accepted all who came in contact with you..

09/06/2012 Tim McNeany
Bedford, MA, USA
You were a real life action hero Richard, and I'm honored to have known you.

09/06/2012 Jerry Seavey
Derry, nh, usa
Sorry for your loss...God bless u

09/06/2012 Pattie
West Haven, CT, USA
Our condolences to Mrs.Paula Byrne and to Kwan Jhang Nim Byrne's entire family. Pattie Manchisi Administrator, Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Asscoiation.

09/06/2012 the vieira family
malden, ma,
We love you Paula and Richard.

09/06/2012 Elexyce Felt
Saugus , Massachusetts, US
Bright blessings and peaceful journey to the other side, Master Byrne. Your beautiful gym on Pleasant Street was home to many of my favorite late teen/early twenties memories. Peace be with your family. This world was a better place for having you in it.

09/06/2012 Beverly Sanchez
Lynn, MA,
Paula, my heart goes out to you at this time. You and Richard were meant for each other and I know you must feel so lost without him. Please know that you have many many people to rely on - we all love you dearly. We all have such strong memories of Richard - you have so many more. Keep those with you - he will not be far away. Love always

09/06/2012 Kristy Brooks
Hudson, NH,
My deepest sympathy to Cherylann and her family during this unexpected loss. Wishing you the strength to get through this sad time and let you know you have many friends and family here for you if you need it.

09/06/2012 Ken Rocci
Malden, MA,
With heartach and deep regret. Long live a great. RIP Master Superstar.

09/06/2012 TK
, ,
I thank you for all you have taught us. You will be forever missed.

09/06/2012 Lynne Cloonan Crenshaw
Mesa, Arizona, U.S.A.
Thoughts & prayers to all who will miss you. God has called you early into his realm.

09/06/2012 Wendy Phiel
Pottstown, PA, USA
I was shocked and saddened to hear of Grandmaster Byrne's passing. He was more than a legendary martial artist; he was truly a great man with a big heart. I will always cherish the times I was able to interact with him at tournaments, camps, and tests. I pray God's peace over his family, and the entire Tang Soo Do world. Rest in peace, and know that your legacy will live on forever. Tang Soo!

09/06/2012 Dianne Gardiner Tilton
Randolph, Maine,
Rich and I were classmates at MHS class of 68... He was a wonderful guy. My condolences to his Wife and Family... Dianne Gardiner Tilton

09/06/2012 Cherylann (Byrne) Beaulieu
Londonderry, NH, USA
You will always be in my heart. Our family chain is broken but will be linked again when we meet again, love you always and healing prayers to all you left behind, especially Paula.

09/06/2012 Master Michael Anthony
Ipswich, MA, USA
Rest in peace was great to have known you. Mike

09/06/2012 Maureen
Tewksbury, MA, USA
As a grandmaster I respected you . . . as my brother I loved you, say hi to dad for me, I love you Richy - Love Moe